What is Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ)® and how is it different?

You have heard of IQ (Intellectual Intelligence) and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) is the next level of intelligence.

Where EQ is learning and growing the Self, C-IQ is about connecting, navigating and growing with others. It’s about understanding how conversations impact us emotionally and physically and how to shape conversations in ways that elevate and activate our neuro-networks for growth, empathy, wisdom, intuition and strategic thinking.

Conversational Intelligence, also known as C-IQ is the brainchild of Judith E. Glaser.

Judith is a world-renown, master level executive coach who has coached Fortune 500 companies for the past 40 years. She is also deeply connected to some of today’s leading researchers in the field of neuroscience – in neurobiology and neurochemistry. She has done an amazing job marrying the best conversation techniques she has learned over the years with what neuroscience is telling us about how the brain actually works and particularly how our brains process communication.

Brenda had the pleasure of being one of Judith’s C-IQ for Coaching students to learn how she could implement the C-IQ tools into her conflict management and communication coaching practice. The results Brenda’s clients have received in such a short period of time has been truly remarkable.

C-IQ is really such a unique way of engaging teams, companies and people because you learn how to create healthy organizations through conversation rituals.

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