Have you ever stopped to wonder why it is that you get along with some people more than others?

What is it about their personality, their mannerisms and behaviours that has you connect or disconnect with people in your personal and work relationships?

Researcher Dr. Elias Porter pondered this and while doing so developed and tested his theories regarding conflict and communication. The outcome of his lifelong work is the Strength Deployment Inventory® (SDI)   Assessment Tools. With extreme accuracy SDI provides a guide to people’s behaviours and motivation when they are experiencing conflict and when they are feeling good about themselves and others.

Every day we watch and observe people’s behaviours and we naturally interpret and make assumptions about what we are observing and hearing in our conversations. What we don’t know and can’t observe are the reason for their words and behaviour.

When we are not in sync with our co-workers, we can clash and become frustrated or impatient and then we look to their behaviours to find blame such as:

  • Personality Differences
  • Work Ethics
  • Generational Differences

We all know that blaming others does not solve the issue at hand and during Dr. Porters’ research he discovered that if we know how to talk to others using their ‘motivational language’ we can move through discussions and differences much easier and faster.

The Strengths Deployment Inventory does exactly this and has been used worldwide to help employees and teams learn to communicate more effectively, increase individual and team morale and productivity and in turn develop more creative solutions that sync to everyone’s needs (and motivation).

Discover how your organization can literally change the way people speak to one another with the Strength Deployment Inventory Assessment by going to Brenda’s  Workplace Conflict & Consulting Services page.