Brenda feels deeply privilege when she has an opportunity to work with organizations in her capacity as a Mediator, Conflict Management Coach, Trainer or Workshop Facilitator.

Below are testimonials from individuals and organizations who have experienced Brenda’s training, coaching or mediation services:

Employee Mediation:

“We required the services of a mediator to resolve a longstanding relationship issue between two of our employees. The situation had disintegrated to point where the issues were severely impacting the two employees and outside agencies were involved. We conducted some research and contacted Brenda to mediate the situation.

Her communication to our Human Resources manager was excellent through-out the process and she was able to keep us informed of the progress while respecting the privacy of the situation. Brenda then drafted a “memorandum of understanding” to the employees that had been agreed upon in the mediation process and was signed and witnessed. This is an excellent document that outlines the expected behaviour of all parties and we continue to use the document to reinforce our expectations.

Brenda did an excellent job for us and delivered what was promised at the rate agreed upon prior to the mediation starting. I highly recommend using Brenda for any mediation or conflict resolution that your organization requires” – W.L. General Manager

Mediation & Training:

“For the past two years, we have consistently worked with Brenda during which time we have seen a dramatic improvement in our internal dynamic, decision making and general communication within our business. We have sought out Brenda’s expertise for regular mediation sessions and have also brought her in to meet with our entire team. She provided an ideal environment and approach, which allowed us to effectively deal with issues during each session. Further to this, she sent us back into our business with tools and a renewed approach, which has had a lasting positive effect. Our time with her has served as valuable and transformative.
We thoroughly enjoy and value our work with Brenda and would highly recommend her to any other business” – S.P. – Co-Founder and Principal


Bridging the Communication Gap
“Very valuable in terms of identifying how to address and work through seeing solution to problems with others. It provided some tools, tips and strategies that help to navigate a variety of situations and ways that people may express conflict. I see these skills being ones I practice in many areas of life moving forward” – C.M. Team Leader

“I like the whole presentation, especially new vocabulary, as I haven’t been to anything similar I enjoyed the exercises and appreciate the conflict checklist. I will return to this checklist to see if I have improved with practice.” C.M – Technologist/Project Manager

Creating Relationships AT work THAT work
“Amazing and profound – I want more!” – D.B. Senior Manager

“First of all I loved this workshop. It was more than what I expected. Good review & 4 Steps to Harmony very useful” – B.J. – Owner

“Thank you Brenda for a wonderful and informative workshop. As a new grad in the industry, conflict and difficult conversations in the workplace can be intimidating. It’s great to get insight on confidence building techniques.” – B.A. Employee

Manager As Mediator For Workplace Conflict
“Brenda’s workshop really opened my eyes to the areas I personally need to improve upon and be conscious of during situations of conflict. I believe the tactics and strategies discussed will equip me to deal with issues in a more patient, calm throughout manner moving forward.” – K.P. Department Manager

“Brenda is an amazing Trainer. She made the content relatable to real-life scenarios that happen in the workplace. She provided a deeper understanding of internal conflict. Very informative.” C.R. Supervisor

Conflict Management Coaching
“We were dealing with some longstanding issues involving a number of employees and decided to contact Brenda and work with her to help us devise a plan to help these employees. Brenda conducted private intake sessions with each employee and then provided her recommendations for a course of action. We decided to hire her to conduct private conflict management coaching for each of the employees over a period of 8 weeks. On a scale of 0-100, we rated the stress and conflict in the office as 100 before Brenda came on board. At the end of 8 weeks, the conflict was reduced to 30! We still have work to do, but in an amazing short period of time Brenda’s work was transformational. I wish we knew about Brenda’s services a year ago!” T.S. – Director