There is a large body of research indicating that those companies who invest in their employees by providing them with workshops and training to promote and support their individual learning and growth have a higher employee retention rate as well as employee engagement.

Brenda has designed a series of workshops and training which focus on communication and conflict management and provides both foundational and advanced skills for employees at all levels in the organization.

Workshop: Bridging The Communication Gap (an introduction to neuroscience and conversations)

Day in and day out we are communicating with others to exchange information in order to get our needs met and projects completed. Yet, we are often on autopilot when we have conversations and we don’t realize the way in which we are communicating creates gaps in our ability to connect in the way we need to in order to bring others along and into the conversation to ensure both understanding and expansion of thoughts and ideas.

In this engaging 2.5 hour workshop participants are introduced to the neuroscience of conversations with C-IQ® by exploring the 3 levels of conversations and the impact each has on different parts of their brain which results in a low or high level of connection with others.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will have a greater awareness of their own ‘autopilot’ when it comes to communication and how to amp their level of conversations to enjoy a much deeper and rewarding connection with the people they work with.

Workshop: Creating Relationships AT work THAT work

There are some people who we can connect with better than others. We seem to be in sync and more align with them where other people create frustration, aggravation and stress for us.

This 3.5 hour introductory workshop to SDI® explores the language we use in our conversations with coworker that give us insight as to why we connect with some while feel disconnected with others and how to adjust our words to help improve our communication in order to:

– make business and personal relationships more productive
– recognize and manage conflict easier
– look beyond the other person’s behaviour to recognize and understand the motivation behind it.

At the end of this workshop, participants will have gained valuable insight into their motivational value system and how this drives their words, behaviours and reactions to others. There will be a little bit of theory and a lot of interaction as people discover how to move conversation and communication to a higher level of connection.

Workshop: Manager as Mediator for Workplace Conflict

According to various workplace research studies, managers spend approximately 25-35% of their time dealing with employee disputes. This costs the company money and quite frankly is a waste of a managers time and resource.

To calculate what conflict is costing your organization average all of your employees salaries and multiply that number by 2.8 hours/week then multiply that again by 48 weeks in a year. That is your cost based on a longitudinal study conducted on thousands of employees worldwide across hundreds of industries and may be quite a surprising number to you.

Manager as Mediator is an excellent introductory 3.5 hour workshop for mid to junior managers in your organization who have little to no experience in conflict resolution training. It is designed to help managers handled 2 party conflict between employees using a method to assist the employees to learn to resolve their own disputes but still ensures the manager is on the same page and involved in the process.

Organizations who understand they need to invest in their management team in order to bring them along in their succession planning will find this workshop invaluable.

Training: The Conflict To Harmony Revolution Program

Skills in conflict management and communication need to be nurtured and developed in a manner that provides a supportive learning environment, measures skill progress and provides flexibility for the company and the participants.

The Conflict To Harmony Revolution program combines in-person training with on-line coaching to help participants develop their Conversational Intelligence®, Team Strength Development using SDI® or Manager Mediation. This amplifies participants speed in skill development and integration.

Manager Mediation is an amazing blend of mediation skills in-person training interspersed with dispute resolution coaching to help managers integrate their learning and skill development in their workplace and not in a classroom.

Companies can choose the program that fits their immediate or ongoing needs and then customize the group training and coaching to accommodate busy schedules.

The Conflict To Harmony Revolution is designed to allow real learning with real issues, concerns and needs of the participants rather being bogged down and overwhelmed with communication and conflict management theory.

Brenda shares her passion for communication, conflict management and social science and is in demand as a speaker, trainer and conflict management & communication coach.

Brenda has provided workshops, training and conflict management coaching to companies and organizations such as:

– Talk Shop Media
– Genco Industries (now a division of Fed/Ex)
– Branches of the Canadian Federal Government
– MediateBC
– Surrey Board of Trade
– Cosmetology Association of British Columbia
– Dermalogica Institute
– British Columbia Human Resource Management Association

Check out the testimonies she has received from some of those who have participated in her workshops & training.